Monday, January 25, 2010

Savannah and Grandson Birthday

Saturday – My daughter took her daughter to register at the Catholic High School for next year. They spend all morning and part of the afternoon there. Savannah loved it. I hope she does great there.

Sunday: My handsome grandson just turn 8 years of age. Mr. Ian has his own spirit, and personality. He was so happy to see his cousins at the house. All they did was played, laugh, and run though out the house – I was visiting with the parents and my daughter. Too cute

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow 2010

I'm so sorry about writing into my blog so late. But my madness takes me there. Happy New Year to all the confused minds out there– Let’s get busy for the New Year 2010 – which will bring all of us a world of greatest - I hope!!!! Now! I'm trying to design/create my line of Pin cushions, purses, pillows and dolls. Maybe I’ll get my daughter to help me. She is so great with a pencils – she can design anything. I’ll stop writing for right now. See you soon..