Thursday, March 13, 2008

arizona madness

{other side of the house}
{my mom in front of teh house}
{the chandelier in the kitchen}
{the chandelier in the dinning area}

{dinning room}
{entry way}
{the backyard}
{entryway to the backyard}
{playboy room}

{other half of the living room}

{arch to the formal dinning room}

{here lies my kitchen}

{half of my living room}

{ this here is where the magic happen! any volunteers?}

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Adventure Madness

Today is a great day! I’m just thinking of my new adventure:
These are the names for the pots I’m painting: Check it out:
Silver – Blinglicious
Copper – Penny Lover
Red – Romantic Lips
White – White Diamond
Aqua – 50licious
Bronze – Ladylicious
Purple – Royal Pris

I think these names fit my pots, soon I’ll me able to show the world what my madness is all about. Till I can think again.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Brain-Emotion Overload - Get Out!!!!!

Today I feel like my brain is on overload. Can seem to see the rainbow. Now! what kind of shit is that!!! I can't say it's midlife. So what the hell is it. I will say this - the fog will lift and the sun will shine tomorrow. It's a bad bad brain day. The brain is enormously complex . OK! I'm getting to technical for my own good. Let's get down to the basic. I have to tell myself to stay focus and work on the positive goals of my life and forget the things I can't control. Here's my last note of the day - "Live...Laugh...& Enjoy... Life" that's my moto...

Out of Body Experience

Hi Thoughts! I/my creator took over my hands (I had a moment - Out of body experience) wee wee. But I created a nylon bag. What!!!! Only women will understand what its used for. More to come in the future. See you later.